Your Employer Branding Action Plan

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Phil Strazzulla
January 16, 2019

Are you starting to build your employer brand and wondering where to start?  Here are our tips on where to focus in the early days of your talent branding efforts.

First off, if you're not sure why you should be building your employer brand, check out some of our favorite case studies and ROI calculators here.

Ok, here are our tips:

Employee Value Propositions: First and foremost, get a sense for why people are interested in working at your company, and what keeps them there.  You can get this data with a few small focus groups with your own employees, as well as anonymous surveys with people who've gone through the interview process.

Figure Out One Place to Focus: A lot of companies struggle because there is so much to do in the employer branding landscape.  You can fix your Glassdoor or careers site, get more awareness through a Facebook campaign, etc.  Choose just one that relates to a pain you're experiencing in your hiring funnel, and FOCUS.

Measure: Before you start your initiative, set out what your expectations are.  For example, if you're running a Facebook campaign, put into a spreadsheet the number of applicants, interviews, and hires you're going to make given your budget.  When you're done with the initiative, go back and see what actually happened.  This will give you the ammo you need to get more budget, as well as more confidence that you can reap ROI from employer branding efforts.

There is a huge landscape of things you can do to build your employer branding efforts.  One we recommend out of all the things we do with companies is Talent Communities.

Here's this week's Whiteboard Wednesday: