The Use of Video in Employer Branding

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
November 2, 2015

So why does everyone want to work for Google? Is it the free food and gym membership? Perhaps it’s the free shuttle to work and pet friendly office space. Well yes, it may be some combination of these, and other, perks. However, the real reason people want to work there is because Google creates, shares and distributes content across social media, creating a media frenzy over its ‘Googliness’ in the process.If you’re looking to build your employer brand like some of the greats and are stumped on what content to start with, let me suggest video. Video can be highly authentic and engaging in displaying your company’s values, culture and unique qualities. Here are some stats on the current use of video marketing online today:

These are some encouraging numbers, but you might be thinking these high production-marketing videos are out of your budget. However, when it comes to employer branding there is another key consideration to take into account, authenticity. 51% of American’s trust user-generated content over similar branded materials and our own data illustrates this as our video content elicits significantly higher engagement than overall averages. Allowing your employees to create simple videos, through their phones or laptops, and then aggregating this content on a blog or YouTube channel could be the key to creating highly engaging and sharable content to reinforce your employer brand.NextWave HIre provides a platform on which you can crowd source videos from employees to create highly search optimized and engaging content that truly showcases your employer brand. If this is something that interests you please email us Here.