3 More Must Have Tips For Employee Testimonials

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
May 16, 2018

Employee testimonials are a great foundation for a strong employer brand.  They can also be incredibly tricky to get right.A few weeks ago we put together some employee generated content best practices...and here's Part II:

  • Mobile: Yup, this one is super obvious.  But, unless you're having a human collect the information manually from another human, you need to make sure your employee can answer the questions you're asking them via mobile.  This is especially true for uber busy employees, or those that get to go on site and who may want to snap a video of their day to day to share with future colleagues.
  • Confidence: If your employee doesn't have confidence in their ability to create good content, they aren't going to do it.  And, in the unlikely scenario they do answer your questions, it's just not going to sound great.  Arm your employees with best practices (keep it short and sweet, use specific stories, don't worry about a few "ums" and "ahs" on video, etc) so that when they step up to the plate, they are ready.
  • Video: Video is key to any employer branding strategy.  But, most of us are consuming text content all day long, and job content is no different.  So, don't over-emphasize video, and realize that it should be around 5-10% of your overall content.

Let us know what you think in the comments. And, if you're ready to start building out your testimonials, definitely checkout the employee generated content tool.