A thought experiment: Why Employer Branding Matters SO MUCH

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 5, 2016

The thought experimentImagine for a moment that you’re a sales person. You sell widgets. You call up a prospect and leave them a voicemail telling them you sell widgets and want to have a call to tell them more about your widgets and why they may be interesting for their company.Your prospect gets the voicemail, and is intrigued...they’re actually looking for widgets! They go to your company’s website, but there is very little about your widgets. There’s a static page that looks like it was designed 5 years ago, a 90 second video that has no details on your widgets, just that ‘they’re great’ with some stock background music.There’s no ROI info, there’s no competitive differentiator, there aren’t even that many specs or pictures of your widgets.This person would have to be SO DESPERATE for your widgets to call you back, right? They’re probably going to your competitor.Do you know where this is going?Recruiters, listen up!When a prospect finds out about your company through a job posting, Inmail, call, etc…and they look up your company…what do they find? Do they find a page designed 5 years ago, or a shallow 90 second video with stock background music, or some anonymous review site populated by your least satisfied customers?Do they find things in your social media that draw them in? What about relevant Google results? Employee LinkedIn profiles?It sounds like this person would have to be SO DESPERATE to work for you in order to be interested, right? It sounds like they may be looking at one of your competitors instead.Get the resources you needImagine if sales wasn’t supported by great content. They couldn’t do their jobs, and your company would be in a bad spot with profits falling every quarter.Why is recruiting any different? You need the right content to do your job, right? Or else you’re going to miss out on all those great candidates who just move onto the next company when they don’t find what they’re looking for. Of course, you’ll still get many of the people who are SO DESPERATE…but you don’t want that, right?