What Talent Wants: Finance/Accounting in Private Equity/VC

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Phil Strazzulla
December 2, 2016

This is the second installment in a series we're doing that will dive deep into how talent goes about finding jobs, vetting companies, and deciding which company they want to work for. You can also take a look at our first post about the software engineering intern job search.The point of these interviews is to better understand how to market jobs to top talent. What are companies doing right and wrong? What can we learn from how people are doing their job searches? We'll cover this and more in this series. Enjoy!

Nick Jones - Finance Associate

In this interview, Nick talks about

  • Nick talks about using the news as a way to find and vet firms, and specifically using TweetDeck to aggregate and filter news
  • Where review sites fit into his search
  • Why he didn't apply to certain companies after researching various firms
  • How networking and recruiters fit into his search
  • His feedback for talent acquisition on the interview process
  • Top criteria for choosing a place to work (hint: it's all about culture!)