Here Are The People Who Will Sign Up For Your Talent Community

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August 14, 2017

Talent Communities are a great way to convert more passive candidates into your hiring funnel. There are many people who get to your careers site and are interested in applying, but aren't quite ready.Earlier this week I was going through our customers' talent communities and saw a few patterns emerge around who these people are that opt into your pipelines. Here are the various personas I found.Just started a new job: A number of the people joining these communities started a new job within the last 2 months. This makes sense. If you just started a new job, you're (hopefully!!!) not looking for a new job yet. But, maybe you see news about a company and check out their careers site. And, maybe you leave your name and email to stay in touch with them so that in 6-18 months they are top of mind when you are actively looking again.Still in school: A large contingent of talent community members are still in school. They are >6 months from graduation, and are starting to think about what to do after their program. Their resume may not be up to date, and so they are looking for ways of getting on a company's radar, and learning more about that business, before they go into active job seeker mode.Been at the same company for a while: Another group of talent community members have been at the same job for >5 years, and some have tenures >15 years. These people haven't updated their resume in the last decade, but something caught their eye about this particular company, and so they're interested.From the same industry: There are a number of people who opt into the talent community emails for a company in their industry to learn more and grow professionally. This is great for the company as they now get a chance to gain mindshare with someone who knows a decent amount about their business.Just your typical professional: Of course, there are people who seem just like anyone else out there: been at their job for ~2 years, probably thinking about what's next in their careers, but maybe haven't yet begun the full on job hunt.Whatever the case, talent communities allow companies to expand their net and capture more high quality talent through a process that is A LOT easier than filling out a job application.Once they start building a pipeline, companies need to make sure to consistently communicate with professionals in a high value way that shares relevant content with their communities. This is why we built this functionality directly into our talent community product.What other buckets of people have you seen in your talent communities?