Talent Community Personas

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 24, 2018

Talent Communities are incredible ways of driving more quality candidates into your hiring funnel.  They are the perfect way to grab the information of people who are not quite ready to apply for a job, but still interested in your company.They're Very ThoughtfulThe most exciting part of these pipelines is the QUALITY of candidates who are opting in.Think about the mentality of someone who signs up for a talent community.  They are saying "I'm not in the job market now, but will be in 6-24 months, so better start thinking about the next move in my career."  This is the thoughtful type of person we all want to hire.Three PersonasBeyond the common trait of "I'm going to be thoughtful about what's next in my career," these candidates are also not ready to apply: Some aren't because they are students, and others aren't because they have been at the same job for 5 years and aren't ready to make the jump.After doing a lot of digging into our customers' talent communities, we've developed 3 main personas: the student, the newly hired, and the veteran.  Some may call these "passive" candidates, but we wanted to see more granularity behind who was actually in here.Checkout our explanation in the below video: