Talent Communities vs Glassdoor/LinkedIn Followings

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Phil Strazzulla
April 11, 2018

Let's face it, there is only so much time in the day!  That means we can't do everything we want to - including every employer branding tactic out there.The other day I had an interesting conversation around whether it made more sense to build a following on Glassdoor/LinkedIn, or to build a talent community.  By no means do I think these are mutually exclusive.  In fact, if you've got the content to do one, why not do all three?  It's slightly more work, and a lot of gain.That said, if you can only do one - which should it be?  Well, here are the four reasons why I think you go with talent communities over the other networks:

  1. Ownership: Why plant your seeds in someone else's garden when you can build your own?  What if you spend all this time building up a base on a site and their terms of service changes, or they start charging extra for the posts you want to do, or they fall out of favor with job seekers?  Having a talent community means you own the data and the distribution channel.
  2. More Passive Job Seekers: The only reason to go onto Glassdoor is to research a company.  More or less, the only people on LinkedIn are job seekers, recruiters, and sales people.  So, the passive candidates aren't on these channels.  However, they will convert into talent community members if you have a strong employer brand/career site.
  3. Flexibility: A talent community allows you the ability to call/text/email people, invite them to meetups, retarget them, and really do what you want.  Other sites are obviously limited to the functionality build into the system.
  4. Tracking: All of these platforms have fairly similar analytics.  For the data nerds out there, a talent community allows you to export data, combine it with your ATS, retargeting, etc information - and basically do whatever you want!

Here's more on the differences between the two:

What do you think?