Why start now for your 2016 Employer Branding

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
December 29, 2015

Employer branding is clearly important priority for many organizations, and if it’s not on your radar, it probably should be. Here’s why you should start RIGHT NOW to think about your employer brand, even before the year officially kicks off.You have some time!Even if you’re on vacation this week, you probably notice the email avalanche has slowed to a very manageable stream, many of which don’t demand any attention until 2016. Take advantage of this temporary lull. Set aside some head space and a few hours to start figuring out where you want to focus in 2016.The people you hire this year are already researching youThe average candidate you’ll hire this year is already either actively of passively researching your company. What do they find on your careers page and social? What about your employees’ LinkedIn profiles? Are there reasons here for them to say “YES! I Want to work at this company!”? Be honest with yourself…or, are they moving onto the next company?SEO takes a bit of time85% of candidates Google your company before they apply. What shows up when you search “working at {{your_company}}?” Is it Glassdoor? Do you have a strategy for getting great content into these results? Do you know it can takes months for content to start ranking consistently in these results? That means you should start now!Right Now!Set a goal to spend 2 hours researching the various technologies and strategies out there that companies are using to build their brands in 2016. Let it marinate as your skiing, getting some sun, or generally relaxing this week. You can check out some videos we put together on employer branding. After you have some time to think about what you’ve read/watched, write down a few goals for this year that you can realistically accomplish for your company. Good luck, and happy new year!