Recruitment Marketing Learnings: How to partner with marketing to build your employer brand

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Phil Strazzulla
July 5, 2016

A week ago, we hosted an event in our office for recruiters, marketers, and anyone else interested in recruitment marketing in the Boston Area. We had a very informative talk by Kirby Collette from Toast about how she convinced her marketing team to help build their employer brand in order to help their company grow while not sacrificing the quality of hire (they are growing headcount at over 100% annually and are close to 300 people now). The talk was so good, that we wanted to share it for anyone outside of Boston to learn from Kirby’s gameplan to partner with marketing in their recruitment marketing efforts.Here is the audio from Kirby’s talk, and below are some of the key bullets.

Toast’s original careers page in all of it's glory:

Toast’s career page after one iteration:

Toast’s current careers page:

How she did it:

  • Focus groups with current employees to understand why they applied for a job at Toast, and why they took the job. What she found was that none of their current engineering staff was really interested in working at Toast until talking to one of the recruiters. They needed to get the information to sell candidates into their hands earlier in the recruiting cycle.
  • Studied best career pages (Pinterest, Snapchat, Hubspot) to understand what they were doing right, and what her wishlist should be.
  • Go to hiring managers, and CFO office to get buy in to put resources into employer branding activities.
  • Set out plan with marketing to get things from her wishlist.


  • More engaging, careers page complete with pictures, videos, and values
  • Increased inbound candidates from 8% of applicants, to 18%
  • Increased referral rates from 10% to 40%

Want to know how to pitch your internal stakeholders to get them on board with your employer branding? We put together this powerpoint template to help you do just that.If you’re in the Boston area and want to join us for the next meetup, please signup here.