Recap of Boston Employer Branding Panel

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
September 2, 2016

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting an employer branding panel with Debbie Celado of Citizens Bank, Audra Knight of Tenable Software, Steven Kosakow, and Kristy Hunt of Fidelity. Below is the audio from the event, as well as some tweetable takeaways.At a high level, we covered WHY employer branding matters, and WHAT companies are doing about it.

To learn about future events in your area, or about our upcoming webinars, please sign up for our newsletter.10 Tweetable Takeaways:

  1. You have an employer brand already, whether you realize it or not. Click to Tweet
  2. The best employer brands attract the right candidates, and repel the wrong ones. Click to Tweet
  3. Employees are your best employer brand ambassadors Click to Tweet
  4. There’s a growing employer branding community that’s looking to add new members with open arms Click to Tweet
  5. Figure out where your audience is, whether Stack Overflow or Snapchat, and create content that resonates Click to Tweet
  6. Measure everything from cost per impression to cost per hire across various channels Click to Tweet
  7. The teams that measure get more budget and resources from leadership to do more experiments Click to Tweet
  8. If your employer brand doesn’t match to your actual culture in an authentic way, you’re in trouble Click to Tweet
  9. Work within the brand guidelines of your organization, but don’t be afraid to take calculated risks
  10. Tools that companies are using to execute on their strategies range from agencies, to social media, to NextWave hire. Click to Tweet

Please join us for our next online event, a talk on humanizing your employer brand with Katrina Collier next Wednesday September 7th at 12 EST.