The Number One Candidate Obstacle

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
March 14, 2016

LinkedIn recently published a list of top employer branding statistics which detail some of the key drivers of ROI for companies focused on building their employer brands.The obstacleWithin this study is a very interesting fact. The number one obstacle to candidates applying isn't sites that aren't mobile optimized, nor terrible ATS workflows. No, it's simply not knowing what it's like to work in an organization. That's right, the number one obstacle is that candidates don't know what a job will be like.Imagine that, if you tell people what it's like to work at your company, you're solving the biggest issue they have in applying for jobs. Of course, your generic job descriptions aren't going to do this. Glassdoor probably won't suffice either.A few tipsAs someone in talent acquisition, you probably don't know what every single job in your company is like. But, your employees do. So, get them speaking at local meetups or host happy hours to build your pipeline and show what it's like to work at your company.Social media can feel overwhelming, and like you don't have control, but if you pick one network and put some effort in, you can do a decent job with <1 hour a week. Instagram is a great platform for quickly producing interesting content.I'll warn you that starting an employee authored blog will be tough, although many companies try. In addition to the technical aspects, it's simply tough to get employees to write long form content. Instead, go for shorter answers to questions you know candidates care about.When you're ready to really focus on helping candidates with their number one problem, upgrade to employer branding software that will scale content creation/management/distribution/analysis. With a very small time commitment, you can have the content you want in a very usable format that delivers better talent.