New Years Resolution Advice

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Phil Strazzulla
January 3, 2017

Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that people don’t keep their new years resolutions. We can’t all be as disciplined as Mark Zuckerberg and build our own Alexa system. Oh well.Why I Don't Always Keep GoalsIn my experience, I don’t always fulfill my goals in part because there are just so many things in life that get in the way.This year my resolution is to write down 1 thing I’m grateful for every night before bed. I have a notebook on my night stand and am 2 for 2 so far this year. Will I get to 365/365? I hope so!But, I’m worried. I also kind of want to start working out more. And, I got a lot out of meditation last summer, but since haven’t “had the time” (despite watching nearly all of Friday Night Lights in the past 2 months – great show!). I’ve also made a conscious effort to start prioritizing more “experiences,” having friends over more often. Did I mention I’ve been reading 2 books/mo since August? Something’s got to give right? Now that I think about it, I’m also building this company which has kinda taken up some time as well.

Friday Night Lights really is a great showTwo years ago I wrote an article on keeping your new years’ resolutions. I still believe in this advice. The most impactful for me is to write down your goal, and put it as the background of your phone. The thing is, you need to change up your background every 6 weeks or so, or else you’ll start ignoring it.

My current phone backgroundSo, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to email myself a reminder of my resolution! In the craziness of life, many times our goals get lost. We forget about them, until next year. So, I’m going to email myself in 3 months, and again in 6 months, to remind myself of my goal.Because I’m going through the trouble of setting this up (via MailChimp), I figure I’d let anyone take advantage of my work. If you want to email yourself a goal, just drop it in the form below, and you’ll get a note in 3 months, and again in 6 months. This reminder is going to make you feel great if you’re still on track, or be a reminder to re-focus if you’re not.[ninja_form id=9](Fill this out by Jan 6th if you want to participate!)So, why am I writing this on our corporate blog? Shouldn't this go on my personal blog?Two reasons: 1) not too many people read my personal site, but many people do read this blog. I’d like to help out as many people as possible. 2) I’m writing down a personal goal (the whole gratitude thing), AND a business goal for myself.If you want to write down two goals, simply fill out the form twice. Once with your personal email, and once with your business email.HR Goals? Personal goals?Maybe you want to hold monthly focus groups to dive deeper into your EVP, build out 1 microsite/month to highlight key roles, speak at a conference each quarter, etc.Whatever your goals may be, personal and professional, put them into the form, and you’ll get an email in 3 months and again in 6 months reminding you of your goal (don’t worry, these are confidential).Good luck on keeping your resolutions this year!