More Hidden Job Postings

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Phil Strazzulla
February 20, 2019

We've written in the past about "hidden" job postings and how various companies have done a creative job of putting their job postings into different places online.

Last week, our colleague Brian opened up a genetic test for his dog. This company, embark, is basically 23 and Me for dogs. Brian had gotten test since his dog is a rescue and he was curious about the genealogy of his dog, Benson.

Hidden Job Advertising

The cool thing about this box was that it kind of kept going.  It was one solid piece of cardboard that you could just keep unwrapping and unwrapping.  At the bottom of it was a message for those who made it that far.

Basically, if you're curious enough to open this box up, then they probably want to work with you! The call to action was to go and visit the careers page.

My guess is embark is a fast growing company that has some pretty radical product/market fit (who doesn't want to learn more about their dog??). And so, growing the team is as important as providing an amazing customer experience.

Here's Brian with more on his story: