Whiteboard Wednesdays: Microsites on Your Careers Site: Data and ROI Calculations

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 3, 2018

Every eCommerce website in the world has landing pages for different products.  These pages share the key value propositions to customers, and feature reviews, pictures, and videos.  The analog to recruiting is probably obvious: we're all trying to share information about our departments, offices, and jobs.  So, it stands to reason that we should have microsites for each of the key areas within our company.In fact, many companies are starting to adopt this strategy within their careers site.  Microsites are an amazing way to share culture, convince top talent that this is the right place for them, and allow people who aren't a good fit to opt out.While using microsites in our strategy is intuitive, there should also be a more robust analytical understanding of why microsites are important to our talent acquisition strategy.  With that in mind, we dug into the data behind some of the career sites that NextWave Hire powers in order to understand the impact of microsites on candidate behavior.

The Data Behind MicrositesThe data is from a number of companies with <2,000 employees in the US.  These sites (all powered by NextWave Hire) have an average of 12 microsites, along with other "engaging" aspects such as Instagram feeds, Spotify playlists, etc.  Interestingly, the average person who applies for a job views 3.7 pages, while the average person who doesn't apply views only 1.6.  If you have a single page career site, clearly the people who are interested in applying for a job are trying to learn more about your company, and probably frustrated that they don't have the opportunity to do so.The most important number we found was that the average career site visitor that goes to a microsite is 102% more likely to apply!  That's right, the people who are doing their research and engaging with your talent brand are the ones who are going to convert into your ATS.In many ways, you really only want to view the candidates who've converted after doing their research, but that's another story for another day.The ROI behind Landing PagesCareer site landing pages drive value, and here's how.  Imagine you have 1,000 visitors per month.  If you're an average career site, you convert 5% of them into an applicant. So, 1000 * 5% = 50 applicants.Ok, now you add microsites.  For simplicity, let's say 50% of visitors see a microsite.  So, 1,000 * 50% = 500 view a microsite.  They have a 2x higher conversion rate, per the data above.  So, we get 500 * 5% * 2 = 50 applicants from these 500 visitors.  Let's say the other 500 visitors behave similarly to a 1 page career site, and convert at a 5% rate.  So, that's another 500 * 5% = 25 applicants.  Overall, adding microsites gets us 25 + 50 = 75 applicants vs 50 applicants sans landing pages.  That's 25 extra for every 1,000 visitors.What's more, these applicants are higher quality.  They were CONVINCED to apply via content and a strong employer brand. Want to do a better job of calculating the ROI from your microsites? Check out NextWave Hire.