LifeGuides is now NextWave Hire

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
July 26, 2016

We have some exciting news! As of today, LifeGuides is now NextWave Hire.Why the new name?When we first started building our company, our vision was to create an information exchange where people could learn about one of the most important aspects of their lives, namely their professional choices, from those who had been there, done that.As our business has evolved into a software solution specifically focused on helping companies to market themselves as employers, we realized that we needed a new name.After a few weeks of throwing around names like “Panda HR” and “RapidAmp”, we came up with NextWave Hire. This new name stood out to us for a few reasons. First off, we believe that our solution represents the next wave in recruiting methods and technology. We are now in the age of transparency. Companies need to proactively build their employer brands, and utilize the best methods in recruitment marketing in order to attract and convert talent.The name goes beyond the association with our product and what it represents about the coming evolution in recruiting. The bottom line is that our software is designed to help you get the next wave of talent into your company. Through great content, landing pages, social media and more, NextWave is dedicated to bringing the best of sales and marketing technologies to recruiting for any sized business.What’s the vision for NextWave?First off, we believe in getting the right content in the right places to attract and convert talent into applicants. We believe that today’s candidates want to know what a job is like beyond a job description, what their career paths will be like, how to prep for interviews and so much more. And, they want to know this before applying for a job.What’s more, companies should want to broadcast this information across their careers pages, social media, and relevant Google results. This content will attract the right people, and allow the wrong ones to opt out. It will pre-sell candidates before interviews. It will increase retention when the right people join. And, it will engage employees whose voices are now a part of your employer brand.Beyond content, we see a massive opportunity to create engaging landing pages that are specific to a given office, role, or affinity group. We see the ability to build warm pipelines of talent that recruiters can use when filling reqs. We also see the chance to efficiently build a presence on social media that goes beyond job blasts.In short, we see the opportunity to take all that sales and marketing has learned over the past decade, and continuously implement these best practices into our recruiting efforts to win the war for talent.We’re excited to unveil NextWave Hire, and excited to talk with you about your recruiting needs.