Leveling the playing field on diversity hiring

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
September 21, 2015

Referral candidates are awesome. They come in totally social proofed by your colleague who says “take a look at this person, I know them and can vouch for them.”They also come in knowing SO MUCH about your organization. Their friend has already told them all about the job, so they know they’re a fit. They are excited about the free beer Fridays you throw, the hard challenges they’ll get to work on, and the fast career track for top performers. They got all this information because they had coffee with one of your employees before they even set foot in the door.They also interview so much better! Their friend gave them some insights on what the team likes to ask, and what they are looking for in candidates. The referral can tailor their story a bit and really shine.Diversity ProblemBut, what happens when you have a diversity problem? Your colleagues are way less likely to refer minority candidates. And, this means your other channels have to source this talent pool. Of course, when someone comes in through a non-referral channel, they are at a huge disadvantage for the reasons stated above. They don’t get a coffee with someone who works at your company prior to the interview….they don’t know how to tell their story, or what may be asked in an interview.How do you level the playing field? The content in your job descriptions and careers page probably isn’t going to cut it. Should you let every single non referral candidate have a 30 minute informal call with someone at your company before the interview? That sounds like a lot of productivity down the drain…Let's level the playing field with contentAt NextWave Hire, we recognize that creating a level playing field for candidates is a very important goal for organizations big and small. Clearly, there are MASSIVE benefits to a diverse work force. And, to accomplish this goal, employers need to take the steps necessary to provide the right information, preferably from the mouths of employees, to candidates before they come in for interviews.This is one of the core uses of our platform. With NextWave, your employees are incentivized to create content that shows off why this is a great place to work, skills they are getting, and insights that will help candidates get excited about your company – and help them do well in interviews. It's all the stuff you'd get from your friend who's referring you to the company, except now you don't have to have that friend in order to get the information. Check out our platform here, and if you have questions on how we can help you with diversity hiring, let’s talk.