Key Employer Branding Topics

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Phil Strazzulla
December 10, 2015

It's kind of a lotAs a professional who cares about employer branding, you have a lot on your plate! The way we see it, you have to figure out the messaging you want to push, build the collateral that strengthens that message, and distribute that collateral. This means having an idea about SEO, figuring out a social strategy, making sure your careers page is spruced up….the list goes on and on!We spend a lot of our days talking to HR and marketers about these core issues. And, we learn a decent amount about each of them along the way. Because we are a nexus of employer branding info, we want to share it with the world so that everyone can learn how to effectively market to candidates.With that in mind, and because we had a few extra hours pre-holidays, we started an employer branding resources page. Right now, this page is mostly videos from our CEO Phil talking about the key issues and some insights that we've picked up along the way. Over time, we’ll be looking to build out this page with links to helpful websites/white papers, and other tech tools you can use to crush your recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts. Be sure to check back often!Your cheat sheetSo, please enjoy these resources that cover the basics of SEO, social media strategy, owned media, employee engagement in employer branding, and lots more! Each topic is covered in a 1-4 min video that is hopefully both useful and easily digestible. Enjoy and please let us know what else we need to include on this page!