Keeping Your Professional Resolutions in 2019

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 2, 2019

What are your goals for 2019?  Keeping goals is always hard whether it's getting a new job, a new promotion, or implementing a project you feel passionate about.

So, we wanted to share our tips in this week's video (notice how it's not a Whiteboard Video, we're trying to do at least one Non-Whiteboard video each month).

These are the tips we used last year to keep our goals.  They're easy, and effective.  Take the time now to plan out your year for success!

  • Calendar Invites: Right now you are full of motivation and enthusiasm for your goals.  That won't be the case as you get distracted over the next few weeks.  Put an invite in your calendar for 1 month from now that lists your goals, why you want to achieve them, and the steps you're going to take to get there.  Do the same for 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months out.  These will serve as reminders, even when you feel like a chicken with your head cut off.
  • Get a friend involved:  Everyone has that one friend who they trust to keep them accountable.  Maybe it's your colleague, spouse, or college roommate.  Tell them your goals, what you're going to do to get there, and then check in a few months from now.  Tell them you want to be held accountable, and not to feel like they'll embarrass you by asking for an update.
  • Write it down: Writing down your goals is by far the most powerful way to stay motivated and focused.  We love to use the wallpaper on our smartphones as real estate to remind ourselves of the task at hand.  You can also write down a goal on a sticky and place it on your mirror, monitor, or anywhere else you look on a daily basis.

Our one last piece of advice, do one or all of these things RIGHT NOW, or risk losing progress this year!