Job Seeker's New "Third Option"

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 30, 2019

TL/DR: Career sites can now allow candidates to opt into Talent Communities, in addition to applying for jobs, or bouncing.

We've started using the term "third option" a lot internally when we talk about career sites.

The Original Two Option Careers Site

Historically, when a job seeker went to a careers site, they had two options.  One was to apply for a job.  The second was to leave, and most likely never come back.

If you've ever checked your Google Analytics, you probably know that the vast majority of people don't apply for a job.  And, the people who do make it to your careers site, don't typically come back.

They saw something that caught their eye about your company.  Maybe something on social, PR, or a friend told them about you.  They go to the careers site, but they aren't ready to apply.  They've been at the same job for 5 years and don't have an up to date resume, or they just switched jobs and aren't ready to apply to another one.

Whatever the case may be, you just lost that person.

What Marketers Do

If you go to Tesla's website, and aren't ready to buy a car, you can leave. They also give you the "third option" to sign up for their newsletter.

This "third option" allows you to stay up to date on Tesla's product, their brand, and the different options you have to convert down the funnel.

The Third Option For Career Sites

Now, many companies are adopting Talent Communities on their career sites.  Talent communities give your career site visitors the chance to stay in touch with your company, even if they aren't ready to apply, AKA the "third option."

Of course, there are other ways you can give someone a third option.  Maybe it's getting them to follow you on social, go to a meetup, etc.  Whatever your strategy is, it's important to go after the 90% of people who get to your career site but don't apply.

Here's more in our Whiteboard Wednesday video: