Improving Your Offer Acceptance Rate...With Style!!

Post by
Brian Mooney
June 26, 2019

Do you track your offer acceptance rate? Recently a Recruiter shared that they were working on increasing their offer acceptance rate by building a better relationship with candidates from the start. 

That got me thinking. Was my offer acceptance rate good? According to NACE, the average offer acceptance rate is 68.2%. I don’t remember it being that low so I must have been doing something right, right? I thought back to my actual process to see if there were things I did that might have attributed to my success. 
Here’s what I did...

  • Be honest with information, especially around delays in the process
  • Confirm my availability throughout the process & schedule calls when necessary
  • Extend offers outside of traditional work hours or on weekends
  • Confirm important details in an email after calls 

Honest conversations with candidates around topics like delays in the hiring process are crucial. If I didn’t think I could get back to them by Friday, then I would let them know. And, when I didn’t get back to them on Friday because they slipped through the crack, I’d let them know. It’s hard to admit when you, or someone on your team, dropped the ball, but it goes a long way with candidates especially those who have been ghosted before. 

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It was important for me to included hours outside of their work schedule. I found that candidates were more present to have a conversation and ask the questions that matter to them. There’s nothing great than hearing a candidate get excited when they accept the offer. 

So I did pretty well, but I couldn’t help thinking I could have done better. Here are three companies who are improving their offer acceptance rate with style. 

  1. Salsify ‘bombs’ the candidate with kind words. They ask their teams to all send kind words to the candidate at the same time. Imagine being a candidate and getting email after email of things like “You’re Awesome!” Or “Come on, join us…we need you”!
  2. Spotify has been known to use their platform to make playlists for candidates to delivery offers. Very clever and creative, and so on brand with their “Join the band” tagline. 
  3. Lever made awesome GIFs for everyone who joins their team. 

What are you doing to improve your offer acceptance rate?