Our Disrupt HR talk on Why HR's Work Matters

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
December 15, 2017

Some days I feel like I'm running on a treadmill. I've got a to-do list that seems to grow instead of shrink, too many emails to keep track of, and chrome barely works because of all the tabs I have open. I've got my headphones on and am dialed into my work. Sound familiar?While I like the high I get from feeling slightly overwhelmed and against the clock...it can be very distracting from the amazing parts of my day and the higher purpose that drives me. I got into this business to help people find the right job, as much as I like focusing on getting to inbox zero.A few months back, I did a talk about why HR's role is so important, and how we can all be mindful of the higher purpose our work is serving, despite the fire drills. I was excited to find out that this talk was the #1 most viewed DisruptHR talk last week, and so wanted to share it here. Enjoy!