What do you hope to accomplish during your summer internship?

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
May 21, 2014

Every intern hopes to accomplish something during their summer internship, whether it’s networking, learning a new skill, or simply making some new friends that have similar interests. Everyone is different and we all have different goals, but there are a few that tend to crop up again and again.1. NetworkingMany interns enter the workplace to network with those more experienced in their field. They hope to make connections that will last throughout their careers and foster relationships that will blossom into opportunities. Remember, the people you're working with will write your future recommendations, and may even be your co-workers after school. Be authentic, but be professional!2. LearningAn internship is a perfect place to learn. Because you’re already new, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to be taught some things. Hopefully what skills you want to learn will be taught along with them. The key is to learn real skills that will help you advance your career, not just how to juggle 8 cups of coffee!3. Meeting PeopleJust like with networking, some interns look forward to working so they can meet people like them. At first, you might feel lost and alone, but eventually you’ll realize that all the people that you work with are a lot like you. And, it's not uncommon for these people to be life long friends and important business contacts.4. Making a DifferenceOne great thing about being an intern is that your work and talents will be put to use for the first time. Even while working on the smallest thing for your boss, you can be sure you’re making a difference. If you feel like the work you're doing doesn't matter, ask your boss about why it's important, and what metrics you can track to see your impact.5. WorkingMany interns are just excited about (or at least have an interest in) the work that they’re going to be doing in the summer. If your number one goal for the summer is to get your work done, then you can be sure you’ll accomplish it. Just make sure you still have time to explore the city you're in, make new friends, and keep your sanity!