Hiring Millennials: Your Company's Future

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
January 8, 2017

Recruiting for Generations

We all know that putting in the time and effort it takes to hire new people, but finding six months later that it wasn't the best fit, is very costly and frustrating. In speaking with Susie Japs, Managing Director of Wejungo, we learned about how her firm helps companies improve their recruiting & hiring processes, yes, even for hiring those pesky Millennials.Coming from a background global staffing, Susie saw years ago a gap between companies and recruiters trying to find the right talent for open positions. In order to ensure the best solution, she would find herself doing things much different than others in her field. Her key differences to hiring: She learned why a manager was hiring in the first place, what role they were looking to fill exactly, and she would ALWAYS ask what impact it would have on their future as well as the company's.At Wejungo, they have successfully recruited sales, marketing and operations professionals from all backgrounds and generations. Susie has found that this has impacted her company thus far in an incredibly beneficial way because there is always a new perspective to improve recruiting & hiring processes. This has essentially become the basis for their business. They help companies focus on the long-term consequences of hiring RIGHT the first time, rather than rushing hiring to fill a seat.

Revamping Hiring Processes Are Vital

For example, if a company is looking to hire and retain more Millennials, Susie helps them focus on one or more of the following qualities/processes:

  • Goals – Consistently ask them what they want out of the position and/or their career.
  • Development - Find out what they want to learn over the next year - 5 years and create a learning/development plan
  • Promotion - Clearly present career paths and what a person needs to accomplish at each job stage to earn that promotion.
  • Communicate -On a regular basis, both formal and informal, put in the effort to check with them throughout their first 2 years especially to manage expectations. Susie recommends frequent touch points - weekly/quarterly - to discuss any needs for improvement as well as celebrating recent successes.

While this may sound like A LOT  of hand-holding, what it ultimately provides is clear expectations, better performance AND loyalty (read: cost-savings and hard workers). Receiving instant feedback and making changes and learning things quickly are essentially the world Millennials have grown up in and what they expect within our culture.Susie hit the nail on the head when she said: "It’s not attitudes, it’s the social & economics they live in, everything is instant gratification for this upcoming generation. It's been their whole world." A positive twist on Millennials Susie points out, is that they are much more likely to learn technology very quickly because it's ALWAYS been a part of their lives.

Ping Pong Is Not The Answer

There is also a large surge in the "Google's" of the world right now, and the perception that focus and key to hiring Millennials should be the "cool office" with happy hours and ping pong tables. The failure in practice with this, according to Susie, is that "some companies end up losing their best employees, because the company ended up attracting and retaining a bunch of average performers who absolutely come and stay at the company because of the PERKS.”In Susie Japs 5 minute' DisruptHR talk, she points out that Millennials are "settling down later in life" and feels the impact this has had on employee reliability, responsibility, company promotion tracks and training programs is affected. Hospitality, for example, has been forced to keep up with these changes as their businesses often depend upon the younger generations for seasonal work. Demand for industries like construction or manufacturing, however, has decreased in interest for Millennials because there is not enough time and money spent educating younger people on the benefits of career paths here.Millennials are generally described as being very self-centered. Susie wants us to understand that every generation is a bit more self-centered and less experienced in their 20’s! And that social media and today's connected world has simply made it more to the forefront of our awareness. So perhaps if we see Millennials as the ever-changing future of our world, companies, and economy, we can view them as much more than "needy" or "self-centered."

The Future of Your Business

Now the exciting part of this trend is seeing what lies in the hands of every new generation and how they will impact businesses and processes. It seems that technology companies, like NextWave Hire, are getting ahead of the curve by constantly finding new and better ways to attract new talent. Rather than claiming to attract more candidates by sending job posts to more websites, they focus on inbound recruiting, internal processes and passive candidates.Susie Japs tells us there needs to be a shift towards quality over quantity, and that companies who do that will improve exponentially by having the best talent. Overall, a focus on getting 50% more quality candidates lies in truly seeing the position and the people for what they are AND could be. Contact us to find out more about how NextWave Hire can help you find and retain great talent!