Hacking Glassdoor: How to Build Your Company's Presence on Review Sites

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Phil Strazzulla
June 13, 2017

Today we were fortunate to have Sasanka Atapattu of LaunchSource talk through how his company was able to build a 4.8 star rating on Glassdoor through some hard work and a management philosophy that focuses on culture.Here are my main takeaways from the conversation, you can also watch out entire talk below. Enjoy!

  • Over the past 10 years, Sasanka has seen the conversation with prospective hires shift from compensation towards aspects of the job that are typically associated with "millennial" concerns, such as: culture, day to day, career path, and mentorship opportunities.
  • The candidate journey now revolves around a deep understanding of a business before applying. This means candidates are researching companies across your career site, social, and employer reviews. It also means that companies need to control the narrative by providing an application process that includes useful content about working at the company.
  • Specific to Glassdoor, Sasanka used a 3 step plan to build their presence. First, he got buy in from his team that this was an important thing to focus on. Buy in came from research/stats, as well as talking to candidates and understanding where review sites fit into their overall journey. Second, LaunchSource created an exceptional candidate experience that spans the initial interaction with the company, all the way through hire. Much of this experience was a result of consistently asking for feedback on what they can do better. Lastly, LaunchSource embedded asking for reviews as part of the first 90 days of being part of their organization. This ensured more real reviews would be part of their presence on Glassdoor.
  • One pitfall Sasanka had to navigate early on was authenticity. If you ask someone to write a review, you have to make it clear the review should be their own words, and truthful - not simply something that is overly positive for the sake of being positive.
  • Inbound recruiting is becoming an important trend where companies can attract candidates by providing useful information. Sasanka provides a career prep course that draws candidates in.
  • Employee testimonials are a great way to share what it's like to work at the company. Hearing from the C-Level is ok, but we want to know what we'll actually be doing day to day as candidates.

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