Glassdoor Pricing for SMB and Enterprise

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Phil Strazzulla
November 1, 2016

TLDR: We crowdsourced what others are paying for Glassdoor so that everyone can benefit from increased transparency around Glassdoor Pricing. Enterprise SaaS pricing is opaque by nature, and this isn't a knock on Glassdoor or their pricing practices! Please contribute your data so that others can benefit (and signup for our blog to stay up to date on further analysis). We hope you find this useful.We originally conducted a survey in 2016 on what companies are paying for Glassdoor. Since then, we've collected data from over 100 companies big and small. Here are our findings.

Glassdoor Pricing For SMB

Here is the pricing that Glassdoor posts on their website for SMB packages.OptionPrice/monthStarter Profile$249Starter Profile + 5 Job Slots$399Starter Profile + 5 Jobs Slots + Premium Branding and Analytics$599

Glassdoor SMB Pricing

Glassdoor Pricing for Enterprise

For larger companies, the pricing becomes bespoke and more complex. The more complex the package, the more leeway Glassdoor reps have in changing pricing - and the more opportunity there is for companies to negotiate.Specifically, companies are paying for three big offerings: The ability to brand their pages, the ability to sponsor jobs on the site, and the ability to get more reach through display advertising. The costs for each of these products changes a lot depending on how much you buy of each. Our hope is that this data set will let you zero in on what you should be paying.Here is an interactive chart with how much each of these companies is paying for Glassdoor (if you hover over a data point, it will list out the features this given company was quoted for, you can also zoom in on this chart):

Plot 1

Company size is a major factor for the cost of a branded profile page, and for the overall cost of your package. In fact, one company stated "Our hiring volume is half of the prior year, but we're being charged by the number of employees."We ran a regression and found that on average each incremental employee added $7/yr to the overall contract size. Of course, as you can see, there is no straight line that directly correlates number of employees to the price being paid. Number of EmployeesPrice for Enhanced ProfilePrice/Employee 100 $ 10,000 $ 100.00 1,000 $ 35,000 $ 35.00 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 1.00 285,000 $ 125,000 $ 0.44

Three things to keep in mind when thinking about Glassdoor Pricing:

  1. There are "volume discounts" per employee for larger companies
  2. Some companies pay more because they get extras like display advertising or more job slots
  3. Some companies simply do a better job of negotiating with their sales rep (for example, there are several 1k employee companies in our data set with similar packages that are paying very different prices/yr).

Understand what you'll pay for Glassdoor

Our advice is to download the full data set, find a company that has a package similar to the one you want, that also has a similar employee count, and use it as a benchmark to understand how much you should be paying.[ninja_form id=10]Please note that for our analysis, we've removed the incomplete submissions or those that are very obviously wrong.

Why we did this in the first place

Glassdoor has become a staple of job seekers’ candidate journeys, and therefore has become an increasingly important consideration in a company’s employer branding strategy. But, it's not clear what you'll be paying until you go through a demo and get a quote.

After seeing this post in a Facebook group we've grown to love, we thought we'd collect responses, and share the results so that any HR practitioner thinking about spending money on Glassdoor can benefit.

The Strange Similarities with this Study and Glassdoor Itself

While putting together this analysis, we kept thinking about how this data reminded us of the data Glassdoor gathers for job seekers, and felt we had to point it out:

  • Glassdoor uses crowdsourced data to shed light on an opaque/non-trasparent marketplace (jobs), and we’re using crowdsourced data to shed light on an opaque/non-transparent marketplace (Glassdoor’s pricing model, which isn’t posted anywhere online that we can find)
  • Just like Glassdoor, this data is crowdsourced and anonymous
  • Because this data is anonymous, it could be very biased, especially with a small sample set
  • Data entry may not have been perfect here. We have one 10k employee company that said they were quoted $100k, and one that said $10k. Did the second entry forget a "0"? This is the main reason we’ve left the raw data open here to anyone who fills out the survey, we want to you know everything that went into this analysis so you can draw your own conclusions.
  • There is a lot of nuance that is left out. On Glassdoor, we might read that someone hated their boss – is that because there boss is a jerk, or they did a poor job, or what? In our survey, many of our respondents did a good job of recording the details of the various plans they got quotes for. But, we don’t know how many clicks many of the CPC campaigns offered, or what the bespoke nature of some of these deals have.

Flaws in our methodology

See above with the “Similarities to Glassdoor” commentary. Basically, because this data is crowd sourced and anonymous, it’s potentially error prone and biased. That means there is a lot of nuance here that is left out around the details of various plans and why they were offered.Of course, the more people who fill out the survey, the more the integrity of the data will grow. We’ll plan to continuously update this data over time.


Our hope is that this growing list of other practitioners’ quotes is a resource that you can use to effectively capture value as you think about how to best build your brand online.While review sites are important to your employer brand, we also strongly encourage companies to take a look at their own careers page, and talent pipelines as a means to build their employer brands that they can control.

What's next?

We'll continuously update this data set, and will be looking for drill down into the pricing behind the ancillary services beyond the branded careers page. Please share this article with others as the only way we can do this is through more people filling out the survey!If you want to stay up to date on the latest data we unearth, sign up for our blog here.