Building a career in Employer Branding: Q&A with Jason Jones of LogMeIn

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
July 25, 2017

There was so much to learn about the life of Jason Jones and how he is leading recruitment marketing efforts at LogMeIn as their Employer Branding Specialist. We were fortunate enough to dig into the ins and outs of a day in the life of an All-Star Employer Brander and how much passion there is for ensuring people love their jobs!

Coming Up In the World

Jason's Biography:Jason balances his time by utilizing Social Media to add transparency into LogMeIn's culture, opening LogMeIns' doors to organizations to host their events, and heading up branding initiatives from creative content to campus recruiting. He works tirelessly to improve LogMeIn's culture for current employees and to attract future talent to the company. He wakes up every day with one goal, and that goal is to brand LogMeIn as the best place to work.Talk us through your own background, and your current role.I graduated from college with a degree in Marketing, fresh-graduate me was thinking I’d end up like Don Draper in Mad Men, but then I found Employer Branding. I started my career as a Sourcer at an RPO uncovering talent for Fortune 500 companies around the country. My fellow Sourcers and I would challenge each other to find new and creative methods to source candidates. My passion for Employer Branding began when I would build HTML marketing campaigns to provide career updates to our client’s talent communities. I enjoyed the creative aspect of branding a company to inform and attract the desired talent.I left the RPO to go in-house at a Tech company providing cloud data storage in the M&A space. I was providing global sourcing support to their team of recruiters while thinking of ideas to attract technologists. One initiative I was passionate about was creating an info-graphic job description that we could share with candidates. I was working with the Head of Branding to design and execute this project when an opportunity at LogMeIn presented itself that I could not turn down.I progressed over the years from Sourcing Specialist, to Tech Recruiter to my current role in Employer Branding. Along the way, I was given the opportunity to brand the culture on social media and at local events, and now my current role is making sure LogMeIn is the best place, making sure candidates know why LogMeIn is the best place to work, and engaging our current employees to champion their experience (and why LogMeIn is the best place to work).

Working Together

What are the main responsibilities of you and your team?I oversee our campus program from on-site recruiting events to managing their Summer experience; from bi-weekly Intern lunches to round-table meetings with our Executive Leaders. I monitor our Glassdoor page on a daily basis. I work with our HR Business Partners and Department Leaders to ensure we take action on said Glassdoor reviews. I partner with outside organizations to provide event hosting space (and show off our awesome office). I actively reach out to groups that are working to increase diversity in tech. In late April, we hosted Railsbridge Boston which teaches adults to code in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In addition to these tasks, I run our Social Media accounts to promote life at LogMeIn and spotlight our employees who are making an impact on their roles (#logmeinlife).


How do you interact with the rest of the organization?I partner with our Public Relations team on company culture awards submissions and any PR pieces highlighting LogMeIn’s unique culture. I work with our Internal Communications team to broadcast important Employer Branding initiatives to our global employees. I manage the creation of our employee referral marketing campaign content. I work with our Creative team to brainstorm and create quarterly posters engaging our staff to submit their referrals. I also partner with our Web Development team on any changes to our career site that need to be executed.

Getting Ahead

What are the key roles and functions within employer branding/recruitment marketing that professionals can pursue?Every company approaches Employer Branding differently. Someone could be hired to manage Social Media channels and depending on a company’s corporate social strategy, that individual may have access to just LinkedIn or a handful of accounts. Other companies look for Employer Branders for just their campus program, where their EB strategy is attracting and building the pipeline for Interns. As long as you can make a business case, you can carve out a number of roles within Employer Branding.What are the key skills that someone in an EB role needs (do you need to come from marketing?)?I have seen people come from Communications, Social Media, Marketing, and HR backgrounds. I feel it does help if you understand the recruiting process. Understanding the candidate life cycle process helps you market to them more effectively.What resources do you use to stay up to date in this industry (conferences, blogs, groups, etc)?Websites: ERE, TLNT, SourceCon, AdweekBlogs: Social Talent Blog, SmashFly Blog, Proactive Talent Strategies Blog, Stackoverflow Developer Hiring Blog, and Undercover RecruiterGroups: Talent Product Plays, HR Open Source, TalentBrand.orgWhat are your predictions on what the future of employer branding holds?I would love to see more companies invest in Employer Branding to create content teams. My ideal EB team is made up of a Copy Writer, Photographer, Social Media Specialist, and Graphic Designer. I believe there will be a shift in power where Employer Branding will drive the Corporate Brand as an increase in scarcity for specialized skill sets continues.


As a result, looking at the big picture and learning from Jason's experience and daily responsibilities, this position appears to have become an all encompassing, vital role for employers looking to find, hire, and KEEP the best talent! Contact us to learn more about our software helping companies do just that.