Using Facebook Ads for Talent Acquisition

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
June 27, 2018

Facebook is the world's largest social network.  In fact, users spend 50 minutes/day on the site in the US, versus 2 minutes on LinkedIn!  That's pretty incredible.We were wondering, is Facebook a fertile ground to hire people?  Interestingly, one in four people have already used the site to search for a job.It makes sense that companies could market jobs to potential hires via Facebook, just like they market everything else.  The one caveat is that many people cruising Facebook don't have a resume handy.  Of course, this is easy handled by not asking for a resume when you drive someone to a landing page.The Data Says YesLuckily, we were able to get our hands on some data which proved that Facebook is a great place to find people.  While this is an idiosyncratic case study (European based job, low-skill work), our data source found they could hire people for 47 Euros via Facebook.  That's cheap!  And, this included all the other costs they needed to vet candidates - they only spent 800 Euros on this campaign which netted them 258 hires!We've also heard anecdotal evidence that US based companies have been hiring higher skilled workers for cheap money via Facebook ads.  Unfortunately, none of the companies had the data at the ready to back it up (please let us know if you have some!!).Here's more on what we learned and the specific hiring funnel this company was able to build using Facebook ads to drive hires: