Employer Branding Success Story: CIC

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Phil Strazzulla
January 21, 2017

CIC captured 100 employee stories via NextWave, setup a new careers site with a built in talent community - all in the matter of a few weeks!CIC, formerly known as the Cambridge Innovation Center, houses over 1,000 startups within 50,000 square feet of office space across 5 cities, and counting. Walking into a CIC office is to immerse yourself in the heart of the innovation economy. People are literally bustling around you, writing code, closing deals, and generally building the next big thing.While we'd known about CIC for a while, our working relationship with them started at an Employer Branding Meetup we hosted out of our offices. From there, the journey of working together began!The ProblemCIC is growing! They offer a great service to startups and large companies alike, and have been expanding ever since their founded nearly 20 years ago. With more customers and locations comes more staff.CIC is also a unique place to work, and the folks in talent acquisition wanted to ensure that the next group of employees that joined their organization were excited to work in a high impact environment that also came with a few fun quirks. We thought this gift basket they sent our way was a nice representation of their culture, and the companies they work with:

CIC gets many of their candidates from direct sourcing. They wanted a robust careers site that they could send to potential candidates. The main focus was on a site that that showed off their culture, directed candidates into the typical ATS apply flow, and that converted people into applicants through a beautiful design, mobile optimized pages, and microsites focused on each part of the company.The SolutionFirst, CIC used NextWave to build out employee content around working at the company. At NextWave, we used our proprietary database of candidate insights to build out lists of questions that candidates have about CIC's roles. For example, we asked CIC's employees about working with the companies at CIC, interview questions they got, day to day, etc.

After defining these surveys, we sent them out to 12 employees to get their responses to each of these specific questions. Within a week of onboarding, we had over 100 pieces of content from employees including videos, pictures, and text!Next, it was time to spin up a new career site. We don't like the term career page. The section on your careers page should have individual landing pages for each role - it shouldn't just be a listing of jobs on a static page with a paragraph on the company!In addition to a more robust layout with in depth content and microsites, we added in a few aesthetics, like taking the jobs from our Lever integration and styling them so they weren't simple text links:

Lastly, it was important for us to give passive candidates a place to keep in touch with the company. Not everyone is ready to apply for jobs, and we want to keep in touch with people who's resume maybe isn't up to date but that would be interested in working here one day. We setup a form for people to opt into the talent community, and then segmented nurture campaigns for the passive candidates who sign up for these.

Talent Community Example

What's next?It was simple and fast to capture 100+ pieces of employee content, spin up a beautiful and branded careers page, and get our talent community up and running. Now we also have a robust analytics system in place where we can view our owned media more in the fashion that a marketer would (how much traffic are we getting, where's it coming from, where's it converting from). We can also easily update our content to take down anything that's stale, and add in new content over time.If you are looking to build your employer brand, source better candidates, or re-do your careers page, build out talent communities, etc - then please shoot us an email and let's talk!