27 Employer Branding Statistics You Have to Know

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
May 17, 2016

Employer branding/recruitment marketing is here to stay. And, there is A LOT of info out there to digest. So, we thought we’d aggregate what we think are the most important employer branding stats out there.Here are some of our top stats:

And, here are many more amazing employer branding stats:

  1. 94% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if a company actively manages it’s employer brand.
  2. The number one obstacle to candidates in the application process is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization.
  3. Companies are overpaying on salaries by 10% if they don’t have a strong brand.
  4. Over 72% of candidates spend more than 1 hour researching a job before applying.
  5. 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing
  6. 69% of candidates wouldn’t take a job at a bad company, even if they were unemployed.
  7. 76% of candidates are explicitly looking for what makes a company an attractive place to work
  8. The average candidate uses 18 different resources to research a company before applying for a job.
  9. A strong employer brand can lead to a 50% decrease in cost/hire.
  10. A strong employer brand can lead to a 28% increase in retention.
  11. 76% of candidates want to know what their day to day will be like.
  12. 36% of candidates say they apply without doing research.
  13. 89% of HR professionals agree that a strong employer brand gives you an advantage over your competition.
  14. The average Glassdoor rating is a 3.2.
  15. 35% of candidates say employee testimonials are the most valuable piece of recruitment marketing content.
  16. A company’s career site is still the number one place candidates research employers.
  17. 76% of candidates would sacrifice on salary for a better hiring experience.
  18. 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current job if offered a job from a company with a stellar reputation.
  19. The average cost per hire is $4,000 in the United States
  20. Employee content is among the most trusted content behind friends and family.
  21. 80% of shoppers perform research online before making a purchase over $500.
  22. A strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants.
  23. Candidates trust employees 3x more than the employer to provide information on working at the company.
  24. 90% of HR professfionals agree that having a strong employer brand is more important than it was 5 years ago
  25. 75% of job seekers consider a company’s employer brand before applying for role.
  26. Companies with a strong employer brand see 31% higher inmail response rates.
  27. Your employer brand matters for revenue too, Virgin saved millions by upgrading theirs.

I hope you enjoyed these stats. Feel free to reference them in the future, or share with others who are wrapping their head around employer branding.