Employer Branding Jobs - Who's Hiring in this Growing Market

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Phil Strazzulla
January 4, 2017

Employer branding jobs are exploding!

I was recently going through my various google alerts and saw job after job for everything from Recruitment Marketing Manger, to Global Head of Employer Brand. What's more, these roles were for employer branding jobs all over the world, from Asia to the US and back again.It's clear that the war for talent has lead to companies building out their talent acquisition arsenals. What's more, the job seeker's new behavior of researching companies for several hours before actually applying for jobs means that companies need to think more and more about building their talent brands.

For those looking for a job

Whether you're looking to break into this field, or an employer branding pro, there are many opportunities to break into this field. And, the best way to discover these roles is through the hashtag #EBJobs on twitter (of course there is going to be a list of employer branding jobs on social media, right?).Here is a running list of these jobs, for your applying pleasure.#ebjobs Tweets

Types of roles

It's worth noting there are several buckets of jobs here.

  • Recruitment Marketing roles typically involve more tactical activities like managing ad spend, email campaigns, and social media.
  • Employer Branding roles are usually more about brand strategy. This means thinking holistically about why people are applying for roles at the company, how the company reputation is perceived by job seekers, etc.

What you can expect to do

There's a lot of variety in the specific day to day of these roles. However, for those who are just starting to think about whether or not they'd want to devote themselves to a career in employment branding, we thought we'd share a high level overview of what to expect in a role. Of course, most roles encompass only a few of these aspects:

  • Strategy - Thinking high level about why people join and stay at the firm, aka developing your companies employee value proposition.
  • Content Creation - Job seekers are researching your company, and it's your job to create the content they'll see that explains what it's like to work at the firm (videos, pictures, blog posts, better job descriptions, etc).
  • Career Page Management - Many times the employer branding team owns the careers page as they have the skill set to make it awesome.
  • Work with marketing/comms - Your role may even sit within marketing or communications within your company. Regardless, expect to work closely with them on bringing the employer brand and corporate brand together.
  • Ad Buys - The most sophisticated talent acquisition functions are buying ads on job boards, in addition to many other publishers. Many times this is done through an agency, and that relationship is going to be managed by the recruitment marketing team.
  • Support Talent Acquisition - At the end of the day, talent acquisition is your customer. You're helping them to source and convert awesome people to help your company grow. This means arming them with an EVP, great content, a career site that shines, etc.
  • Social Media - Yes, the employer branding folks also run the social media aspects of recruiting, from Twitter to Snapchat!

Prep for interviews - Learn about employer branding

If you're looking to learn more about this industry to see if it's for you, or prep for interviews, check out our employer branding resources page. Good luck!