7 Employer Branding Strategy Tips

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
May 16, 2017

Employer branding is an important aspect of any talent acquisition team's efforts to attract candidates and drive inbound recruiting. However, many companies still struggle to develop a strategy for their talent brand that is robust, but still executable. This is especially true given lack of budgeting for many companies.With that in mind, we put together 7 tips to consider when thinking through your employer brand strategy:

  1. Review Sites Matter: It's key to realize that the plethora of review sites out there are important parts of the candidate journey. From Glassdoor to FairyGod Boss, your team should be managing the reputation on these sites. Of course, these is a lot you can do to manage your review sites for free.
  2. Career Pages are Key: Career pages are the number one resource candidates use to research your company according to Talent Board. Take your time to realize what's important for your career site, and learn from examples of other career pages.
  3. Social Media is your Friend: Social media is an amazing distribution vehicle for your employer branding content. Employee advocacy and corporate social handles should all be a part of your strategy. If you're ready, you can also do some employee takeovers of platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.
  4. Content Drives Everything: Without the right content, and lots of it, you will be hard pressed to have a great social presence, careers site, etc. Employee testimonials are key in sharing what it's really like to work in the various departments within your company.
  5. Talent Communities: Talent communities allow you to engage passive candidates with segmented content, eventually nurturing them into candidates. This is a key aspect of your employer branding strategy.
  6. Microsites Increase Conversions: Microsites are landing pages that show off life within a given role at your company. They allow talent to find their tribe within your organization, and greatly increase the chances of applying.
  7. But, can you Execute? It's important to think through the organizational limits that can stop your progress. Budgeting can obviously be a problem. Regulated industries can stop the sharing of content. And, competing stakeholders may make it hard to get initiatives across the finish line. With that in mind, focus on what matters to your talent strategy and take things one step at a time.

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