Employee Value Proposition Examples

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Phil Strazzulla
December 3, 2015

Your Employee value proposition (EVP) is a collection of the reasons why talent joins your company versus another. It can be very challenging to define, although we’ve tried to share a few tips on this already.Your EVP will give your company a competitive advantage in the war for talent. Sharing information on work-life balance, the work environment, career development of employees, etc are all important considerations for job seekers. Your employee benefits, company culture, and employee engagement are how modern human resources organizations win the war for talent.Personally, I’m someone who learns a lot by studying others. And so, we thought we’d put together a list of EVP examples to help you in your own planning. Remember, your EVP is the basis for your employer brand.

Employee Value Proposition Examples

Here are a few examples of language top companies are using in their EVPs in order to help you think through your own EVP.Hubspot“We're building a company people love. A company that will stand the test of time. So we invest in our people, and optimize for your long term happiness.“Hubspot: Hubspot’s careers page does a lot to highlight the individual people at the firm through video, testimonials. This content highlights creativity, opportunities for growth, and innovation.Hubspot is a company that understands employer branding and has thus featured their employee experience through content that shares life at the company.Yelp“We work hard, throw Nerf darts even harder, and have a whole lot of fun.“Yelp: Yelp has created a “Yelp for working at Yelp” type of experience on their page where current employees share insights on what it’s like to work there in a UGC style. They use this to highlight company perks like a fully stocked kitchen, and the meritocratic work philosophy. This level of employee engagement says volumes about their culture to job seekers.

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Goldman Sachs“At Goldman Sachs, you will make an impact”Goldman Sachs: With a rise in the millennial mindset of working for more than money, even wall street has changed their messaging to reflect how they add value to employees versus other companies. Again, check out how Goldman has leveraged their employees to the fullest in creating content that shows off why this is a great company to work for due to their focus on type A team players who want to “own their careers.”Target“Oh what fun. Hop in”Target: Target highlights a less serious culture and the values of growth and skill acquisition to potential candidates.L'oreal“A thrilling experience. Inspiring company. School of excellence.”L’oreal: L'oreal has invested in defining and showing off their EVP through a beautiful careers page complete with content designed to attract talent, and help them succeed in the interview process. Notice the supporting statements of “thinking outside the box,” “be part of our adventure,” etc that dot their owned and social media.TakeawaysHopefully these examples are useful in crafting your employee value proposition, and also give you an understanding of the best ways to communicate it to the world. The key themes we see are employees voices as the medium for expression to showcase life at your company, as well as the use of rich media like videos and pictures in addition to simple text. Employee engagement is key to having a strong employer brand, and employee value proposition. Another key benefit of this engagement is higher employee retention - another KPI for HR.