[ebook] - Employer Branding 101

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Phil Strazzulla
January 21, 2016

Much of our day is spent talking to leaders in HR about their employer brands. As you can imagine, we learn a lot! And, we also learn about what people want to know.With that in mind, we put together this ebook as an introduction to employer branding. It's meant to cover the core concepts of why this matters to HR professionals, the trend of HR becoming marketing, and give actionable advice on what you can do next.We've tried to keep LifeGuides and our platform out of this discussion to remain as unbiased as possible. But, of course, our solution covers most of what's mentioned in the book from employee authored content to SEO, mobile, EVP planning....you get the idea.Please let us know what you think. This is our first ebook and our first attempt to share what we're learning every day about recruitment marketing into a long form piece. Enjoy! (Link to ebook).