Using Webinars to Drive Awareness of Your Employer Brand

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
June 20, 2018

Talent acquisition teams are continually forced to re-think what they're doing in order to get in front of the top talent that drives business outcomes for employers.  And, we're always interested in learning what is working to get in front of passive candidates who typically take a lot of badgering to get on the phone.One HR team told us how they'd used webinars to drive awareness or their employer brand, and actual hires.  This tactic is free, fairly easy to execute on, and can directly go after hard to find talent.Here's the basic playbook:

  • Find someone in your company who can talk to one of your employee value propositions (how you're using tech to do XYZ, how SDRs are trained to become AEs, etc)
  • Structure content (can be powerpoint, talking head, screen share, etc)
  • Create an Eventbrite page
  • Market event page via social (especially the star on the webinar), your talent communities, and past relevant applicants
  • Hold webinar via Google Hangouts, WebEx, Zoom, etc
  • Follow up with registrants to see who wants to interview

Have you done something similar?  Perhaps an in person event?  Tell us about it in the comments.Here's more: