Dating apps: the next evolution in recruiting technology (kind of)

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
July 29, 2015

Recruiting has gotten more and more competitive. And as a result, we’ve all got crazy stories. Like how recruiters have started showing up at the Facebook and Google shuttle stops while engineers wait to be ferried from San Francisco down to Silicon Valley. Seems like a pretty fertile recruiting ground, right? Just not sure people want to be pitched to before their first cup of coffee.It’s gotten so bad that we’re now seeing recruiters turn to dating apps to recruit hard to reach talent! I guess people just aren’t responding to LinkedIn Inmails anymore??Last week a friend of mine (who’s an engineer in SF) mentioned that he’d met a really nice girl on Happn. For those of you who don’t know, Happn is a dating app kind of like Tinder, but only allows you to interact with people who you’ve crossed paths with.But, it turns out this person wasn’t really on Happn to get their next date. Oh no, they were looking for their next hire! Or, in their words, “just networking a bit, in addition to dating of course.”In a place like San Francisco, you cross paths with A LOT of really smart and really valuable engineers, product managers, sales people, etc who you’d probably love to recruit, but can’t get on the phone and can’t get to respond to your emails. As a recruiter, wouldn’t you love to have a new way of striking up a conversation? Well, this problem is now apparently being hacked via dating apps.To close out the story, my friend actually wasn’t all that turned off by the recruiter. Evidently they were quite charming. Plus, who doesn’t love the audaciousness and creativity inherent in a recruiter hanging out on dating apps that are geo targeted in areas that happen (see what I did there?) to be populated by early adopter millennials who may just be the ruby dev you've been trying to find. It’s not a bad demo to get in front of!So – what’s your zaniest story about getting in contact with hot commodity talent? If you’ve got one that tops dating apps, by all means leave it in the comments ☺.