Creating a Successful Employee Value Proposition

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
July 2, 2015

An employee value proposition, simply put, is the set of benefits that an employer offers to potential candidates to try and woo them. It is part of a larger employer brand, and increasingly crucial in the savage war for talent. A company’s employee value proposition might be all that sets them apart from other employers. However, with the plethora of firms hiring, and not enough high skilled workers to go around, how does one go about distinguishing themselves from the pack.

Be Unique

Put the time in to create a distinctive employee value proposition that will really make a difference to candidates’ careers. The employee value proposition should identify the people, policies, processes and programs that show an organization’s commitment to its employee’s growth and development. Every company is different, and digging deeper into identifying what makes you different and incorporating this into the employee value proposition will make all the difference.

For example, Rent the runway has a great careers page that superbly explains what separates them, their processes and people from other companies.

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Be Relevant

In order to be effective, an employee value proposition must be relevant to the firm’s capacities, the needs and desires of candidates and reinforce a link to the overall employer brand. This will again require research and insights into what candidates really want. Identifying gaps in competitors’ employee value proposition that are not consistent with offerings and/or candidates needs, and capitalizing on these gaps, is the key to creating a superior employee value proposition and employer brand.

A great example of this is Aquent. Aquent's careers page is lined with content pertinent to its purpose of matching companies with creative talent, aptly delivered through video.

Be Consistent

The overall strategic goals of any employee value proposition should be to create a consistent look and feel across roles and markets. A successful employee value proposition will communicate the same messaging despite differences in location and demographics. The effect of this should be to take the focus off of compensation as the primary “offer.”

A powerful employee value proposition goes hand in hand with a strong employer brand, and both are crucial in attracting and retaining top-notch talent. However, creating a strong employee value proposition and employer brand is one thing, but effectively communicating and distributing this information is a whole other. If you’re thinking about how to execute on your employer branding strategy, click here to learn more or download our eBook on EVP below. [ninja_form id=19]