Cool Ways to Hide Job Postings as "Easter Eggs" for Candidates

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Phil Strazzulla
November 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, we posted about how Glassdoor is hiding job postings in their robots.txt file. If you don't know what a robots.txt file is, that's because you're a human being, not a robot :). But, it turns out, there are a select few humans who do frequent these files and they all would be a pretty good fit for Glassdoor's SEO team. And so, Glassdoor asked people viewing this page to apply for a job!After we posted this, readers sent in various other "hidden job postings" from around the internet. The nerdiest by far was a listing of secret messages within HTTP response headers. Don't know what an HTTP response header is? Well, neither did I. But, my guess is the people who read these things would be a good fit for the companies who've hidden messages like "come work for us!" within.Here's how this works, maybe it'll inspire you to create your own easter egg job postings:

Also, here are the examples of HTTP response headers with job postings embedded in them: