Chatbots on Your Careers Site - What the Data Says

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Phil Strazzulla
May 30, 2018

Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies are thinking about getting a chatbot for their careers site in 2018!  It's become all the rage with talent acquisition professionals as this technology starts to spill over from the world of marketing into HR.My Experience With A ChatbotI had my first interaction with a chatbot on a careers site a few months ago, and it was quite lovely.  The bot asked me what job family I was interested in, I replied engineering.  It asked how many years experience I had.  I replied 5.  It then sent me a link to get time with a recruiter.I tried again with the same bot but answered the questions differently.  To my pleasant surprise, it lead me down a different path that eventually put me into the applicant flow via the ATS.  Overall, it was a good experience.The DataOf course, we were interested in getting some data around whether or not this really worked.  Luckily, we ran int the folks at XOR who let us in on some of the numbers behind their solution.  They're seeing conversion rates on the career site increase by >85%.  Moreover, they're seeing candidates rate the experience with the bot as "excellent" 93% of the time.In future Whiteboard Wednesday videos, we'll be diving deeper into why this strategy works, how to calculate ROI, and what other important metrics are impacted (time to fill, cost/hire, etc) by having a chatbot on your career site.Here's more: