When Do Candidates Apply for Jobs?

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
October 10, 2018

We love data, and thanks for the folks at Neuvoo, we now have a lot more information on when job seekers actually apply for jobs!What the data shows us is when conversion rates are the highest for applicants.  Conversion rate in this context means what percent of people who see a job posting actually apply for a job.When Application Rates Are HighestPeople apply the most during work hours on weekdays.  That's probably not very surprising - people are in work mode, and are trying to figure out how to escape their current job!

There are a few people applying for jobs in the wee hours of the morning...but mostly it's just people browsing who don't convert.

What's also interesting is that the conversion rate is MUCH higher on desktop vs mobile.  This could be because it's easier to put something like your resume/CV together on a desktop computer.  It could also be that generally speaking the process to apply isn't always mobile optimized.

You can download the full data set here:[ninja_form id=20]Of course, this behavior is relevant if you're running any sort of ad campaigns where targeting allows you to run ads at certain hours of the day.  It's also just more data that allows you to make a few inferences around when and how people are searching for new jobs.Here is our Whiteboard Wednesday video that dives into this info: