Building trust with employer branding

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
June 24, 2015

If your company were a soft drink, would you want to be classic Coca Cola, store brand cola, or an organic root beer made with cane sugar and locally sourced ingredients? In other words, if people were carrying around a bottle of your company, what would you want the contents of it to look and taste like?There is no wrong answer. But there should be an answer, and it should be authentic.Employer branding is more important than ever in helping to find the right employees—and to keep them.The number of job openings in America has surpassed the number of people in the workforce. That means that job seekers have more options when it comes to applying for and accepting jobs. In addition, with baby boomers retiring and millennials accounting for the largest generation in the workforce, companies should be making shifts in their hiring practices. Americans spend 11 hours each day using digital media, so why not expand upon the traditional ways of dispersing information? Capitalize on peoples’ interests in video, audio, and interactive media, and don’t just talk about the benefits of working for your company; show it.Fifty-one percent of Americans trust user-generated content (UGC) over brand-generated content, and for millennials, the number is significantly higher with 84 percent of millennials saying that UGC plays a role in their purchase decisions. In fact, only 16 percent trust information on a company website. If this attitude pervades when millennials are buying consumer goods, it most certainly enters into the job sphere as well—an indication that companies must expand beyond the traditional “about us” page of their websites in order to really demonstrate who they are.One way to illustrate your company values is to have a presence in your community— provide employees with opportunities to volunteer on a work day, speak at charity events and participate in them, or even have employees hand out free office supplies with your name on it in public spaces. This will allow employees to experience the values of the company and will show the public that you don’t just have good intentions to make positive contributions, you actually make a difference.Across all generations, employees are interested in jobs where they can make positive contributions to the world. In a Net Impact’s Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012, 53 percent of the workers surveyed responded that “a job where I can make an impact” is the third most essential element to their happiness. So why not give your employees an opportunity to make a difference?Don’t just let your actions speak for themselves, let your employees speak for you. How will job candidates access UGC to learn about your company? Familiarize yourself with NextWave Hire, the software that gives employers the ability to build out employee authored content.