Building employee loyalty through your employer branding

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
April 8, 2016

A wise women once told me “if you help build your employees personal brands, they will love you forever.”This rang true to me. If my company is giving me ways of building assets for my career generally, then I am all in. This is why “millennial talk” many times focuses around what skills people are gaining in the workspace. The thinking goes that if you’re providing skills, people will be attracted to you and then stay for a long time.I’d go a step further and say that helping employees build the other various assets in their professional life will also help you retain them in the long term. If you’ve got a job where you’re building a network, you’re going to stay. If you’ve got a job that puts you in front of an online/offline audience, you’re going to stay!Through LifeGuides, we ask employees to talk about what it is they do on their jobs, what they’re career trajectory looks like, and a lot of other questions that we know candidates care about.After they complete the survey and the content goes live, they get a slick profile that shows off what they do on a day to day basis (and looks great in a LinkedIn profile too). We find some companies are afraid that highlighting their employees like this makes them more accessible to recruiters looking to poach employees.The reality is that the top 50% of your people have all the opportunity in the world to leave your company and join another. That’s why helping them build their professional assets at the company is so important! Who would leave a company where their personal star is rising? That’s nuts.Allowing them to have a beautiful, visual representation of what they do for work, and getting them to throw that into their LinkedIn profile, not only means they build their brands, but they build your company’s in the process, and help fuse the bond between the two.