How and Why One Analyst Recruits: Q&A With Luke Elder at Lincoln International

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Phil Strazzulla
August 9, 2017

Banks Have Culture Too

We worked with Lincoln International, a Chicago based investment bank, who has been using NextWave Hire over the past year to share their unique culture with prospective applicants. Luke Elder works at Lincoln as an analyst and explained in more detail about how they’ve been using the platform to build their employer brand.

Getting to Know Luke

Tell us about your background and your role at Lincoln International?I’m originally from the western suburbs of Chicago and went to Indiana for undergrad. While I started off majoring in marketing, I eventually found my way to studying finance.My first internship was at a CPG company. But, I wasn’t as engaged as I wanted to be. I found out about investment banking through a club on campus, and started to get really excited about that career path. I went through the process to get a summer internship at Lincoln, and then joined full time after school. It’s a great fit for me as I love the art and science of what we do, along with the client exposure I get.While I spend a lot of time in our debt advisory group, I also maintain our company’s career site, and employer branding videos. I work on this in concert with our SVP of HR. My role here is to execute the various strategies we come up with to attract new talent. It’s not dissimilar from my role on the debt side of our business in that regard, I’m running the playbook that the broader team comes up with.What drew you to Lincoln International?I wanted to have a solid banking experience. This meant deal flow, exposure to different roles, client interaction, and learning more about this industry. Lincoln has been able to grow over time which means more experience working on deals year after year. But, it all comes back to the people. The senior people here want to see you progress. You can ask any question you want, which isn’t the case at many other banks.


It All Adds Up

What are some goals of your careers site?Generally, we want to have a higher level of engagement with potential applicants and give them a flavor for what the culture is like. We’re not a typical bank, and our unique aspects definitely center around the people. Therefore, we needed something that was live and interactive to share our culture. We really wanted someone visiting our site to feel the personality of the bank.Why do people like to work at Lincoln International?Everyone here is a high performer and engaged in their job. They want to be the best and work with the best. Yet, while they are goal-oriented, they are also very personable. I spend a lot of weekends hanging out with co-workers outside of work. In order to convey this part of our employee value proposition, we needed to share these stories via the voices of the employees.

employee culture-friends going out

Why did you want to work on building the employer brand at Lincoln?In the Fall of 2016, there was an email that went out to the analysts asking if anyone would be interested in helping to build out our careers site. As I mentioned previously, my first major in college was originally marketing, and I still have a strong interest in marketing. I viewed the careers site as a way to market ourselves to candidates, and so jumped on the opportunity to help out.Why is the careers site important?It’s important to share what it’s like to work at your company to humanize the hiring process. This is so paramount because it’s getting harder and harder to win over talent. When you think about it, we’re competing against a lot of top companies, and so we have to focus on ways to stand out and share what’s unique about our culture.

Where Do We Come In?

How did NextWave Hire help you accomplish this project?NextWave’s software is extremely straightforward. You don’t have to have a tech background, or learn how to use the software. It’s really just a series of workflows that prompt you very intuitively.What results have you gotten?We’ve seen increased web traffic to our careers site, and certain employee profiles are getting thousands of views, which is pretty incredible.Our goal was to share our culture, and we wanted people to interact with our culture in an engaging and accessible way. My advice to companies thinking about using NextWave Hire would be to get the right people in your organization talking about what makes your company a unique place to work. Sharing your culture in a meaningful way is the key in winning over the best people and continuing to build your own culture.

Profit + Great Employees = Success

When it comes to working toward the success of Lincoln International, Luke has a firm grasp on what it takes to not only help the company grow and recruit the best talent, but on learning what it takes to grow his own experiences and challenge the status quo. He even mentions the importance of employee advocacy which provides potential recruits an inside look at what people really do and believe in when it comes to their employer. Working for a great company is what most employers strive to create, and NextWave Hire helps you find those great people you've been dreaming of your whole career!