AI for HR Coordination

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
September 12, 2018

There's been a lot written about how artificial intelligence is going to change the game across most industries, and HR is no different.  Whether it's sourcing, predicting culture fit, or running workflows - AI is slowly creeping into our professional lives.When it comes to AI there seems to be two main considerations:

  1. Is it going to add value from a business perspective - is there ROI?
  2. What are the human implications - will this eventually become skynet, or maybe at least something that damages a subset of people's lives?

We came across some interesting data from a few weeks ago that got at these two questions.  Their solutions takes care of a lot of the typical HR Coordination tasks around scheduling interviews - basically stuff that no human really wants to do, and can be error prone in doing.First, the human question - it turns out that automating the emails that go back and forth between HR and candidates decreases the time candidates spend in the talent pipeline by 75%.  That's great.  Plus, my bet is there are a bunch of emails candidates sent that just get lost in the inbox.  Good thing a robot isn't going to lose those :)What they found is that from an ROI perspective, recruiters were 20% more "productive" (I think this is mostly measured in terms of interviews given and applicants screened).  Interestingly, this ROI also relates to the human side of things.  If you could take away the 20% of my work which I hate (and scheduling emails definitely falls into this category) - I would love that!In true Whiteboard Wednesday fashion, here's our video on this topic (we finally got a microphone - let me know what you think!).  Also, we are doing a joint webinar with MyAlly in a few weeks if you want to check it out.