7 Companies Promoting Remote-First Workforce To Attract Candidates

Post by
Brian Mooney
September 4, 2020

Does your career site look like a time capsule form before COVID19 started? This article is for the talent acquisition practitioners who want to promote their company as a great place to work during COVID or remote and feel their candidate experience could be better.

Do you miss the foosball table, the free lunches, the craft beers and the cold brew on tap? Those are all perks I’m sure you wish you could have back, but I bet, if you could, you’d trade all those things to interview candidates without playing wifi roulette or to just swing by someone's office and ask them a quick question. But the new workplace is different and that means your recruitment marketing and employer branding pitch needs to be updated. 

Believe it or not, some companies have been fully remote from the start. They have a culture, they have happy employees and they are super productive! But most companies are just learning how to truly be remote. The reality is, if you are trying to build a remote first company then you need remote first people.

Candidates are out there on the interwebs trying to figure out if your company is a good place to work in this new era.. They are wondering how you enable employees to bring their whole self to work, how you support parents working from home, and how you are keeping employees safe. All of the things that worry your current employees are worries of your prospective employees. 

So, how do you put candidates at ease? You give them the information they are looking for. Whether you like it or not, your career site is the place candidates go to learn about your company. You need to put this information on your career site to let candidates know how you care for your employees and the company culture. You can use this as a recruitment tool. This is the kind of information that will attract the right candidates and repel the ones you don’t want. 

We may be back in the office at some point, but for the time being, you need to be transparent with candidates. The best thing you can do in a time of unknown is speak to what you do know. Right now, you know how you put employees at ease, you know what your virtual hiring process looks like, and you know how to on-board your new team members. Use that to your advantage. 

Here are 7 companies who are telling candidates what it’s like to work at their remote company.

1. Stripe

I love Stripes vulnerability and transparency. They even say how their office was the beating heart and it may be again one day, but they aren’t so sure. 

Side note: I love that they have a page dedicated to understanding how they work in detail.‘How We Operate’ page.

2. Zapier

Zapier has been remote since 2011 so they have a lot of content that talks about how they work.  They let people know right away that it’s ok if you don’t live in a particular city with the headline “Join us. From Anywhere” in the hero image. They also highlight that they are working across 17 time zones and 28 countries with a link to a blog post they wrote about how they manage remote teams.

Side note: I love that they are offering a ‘de-location package’ where Zapier will provide up to 10K to relocate you and your family to a new home outside of the bay area.

3. Automattic

There isn’t much to the Automattic website, but they say the bigger and bolder the more important. The second header says “Remote Jobs - Work From Anywhere”. Clearly they are looking for people who want to work remote, not only because they want to, but because they actually don’t have an office. In blog forma, they continue to talk about how they work remotely. 

Side note: I love how they are offering a ‘co-working allowance’ 

4. GitLab

GitLab  has a complete remote playbook that gives candidates (and other companies) a really great overview of how they work together while they are spread throughout the world. It goes beyond the company-wide retreat (which they call GitLab Contribute) by helping their teams visit each other through a ‘Visiting Grant’.

Side note: They have temporarily suspended the visiting grant program due to COVID19. Also - I love that they have employees doing a video podcast-like format where they discuss various topics like what it’s like working remotely. There’s literally hours of content for candidates to consume. 

5. TaxJar

TaxJar created a #remotework video series featuring nine employees who work from home. These videos are badass and there’s actually some good information about how some of the teams work together.

Side note: This is a high-quality video that would break most TA team budgets, but a similar type of video could be created on a lower budget and have the same impact. 

6. Ghost

Ghost doesn’t have much content on the career site, but they speak directly to candidates seeking remote opportunities. I love how they tell candidates exactly what tools they use to stay connected (Github, Slack, & Zoom). 

Side note: Most of their benefits are speaking to remote coverage and, in general, to concerns candidates might have when joining a smaller company (ie. what is the parental leave policy? How are salary increases managed?). 

7. Toggl

Toggl is making candidates think! I love this because anyone who is not interested in working remotely is going to turn away. This will automatically give you a more focused candidate pool.

Side note: If you are not comfortable displaying this on your career site you might consider working a question like this into your application. 

Are these the most creative ways to show candidates that they care about being a remote workforce? Definitely not. But if you want to attract remote workers, then you need to find a way to speak directly to them. The good news is, the bar is pretty low. Check back next week (or subscribe to our newsletter) to learn of other ways to show candidates how your team and company is working together in this remote environment.