6 Career Site Content Ideas to Attract and Convince Job Seekers

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
November 8, 2018

These days, it's so important to convince applicants that your company is a great place to work.  Most job seekers research your company's career site, and so we wanted to share a few quick tips on how to spice up your jobs page with some interesting content:

  1. Spotify Playlist: The basic idea is to ask your employees what they're listening to at work, curate the songs into a Spotify playlist, and then embed this onto your site.  It's free, easy, and a cool way to share your culture.  We've highlighted this strategy in a bit more depth here.
  2. Instagram: Instagram is an amazing way to share culture.  We especially love the idea of giving a new employee each week the ability to post content in a "takeover."  This allows you to scalably create authentic content that can be easily repurposed on your jobs page.
  3. iPhone Video: Yes, you have an amazing camera in your pocket.  No, you don't need sophisticated lighting and sound to have good video.  Make a list of questions that candidates ask about your company, ask your employees these questions, record on your iPhone, post to Youtube and embed on your carers site.  This is another free, fast, and effective way to share culture.
  4. Microsites: The average job seeker's likelihood of applying doubles when they can read more about the role they'll have, and the people they'll work with.  Just like marketing uses landing pages to sell products, you can use microsites to sell departments and offices within your company.
  5. Text Testimonials: Think about how you consume content on the internet.  The vast majority is through text (of course, ~25% of you will also watch the video below).  Simply send out a free SurveyMonkey to your employees asking them the standard questions that candidates have, and then post them to your careers site.
  6. Reviews: Repurpose content from Glassdoor, Indeed, Kununu, etc for your careers site.  You can simply take a screenshot of a few reviews you think exemplify your culture, and then post it to your careers site.

Pro tip: If you don't control your careers site and getting any content on it will take months, you need to get a career site CMS that will allow you to update your careers site!Ok, here's the video: