5 Tips for Video Job Ad Campaigns That Get More Qualified Candidates

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
February 6, 2019

If you're in the world of recruiting, you've probably thought about using video job ads to get more quality candidates into your hiring funnel.

While this strategy can be very effective for your recruiting efforts, it's also a bit daunting to get started.

Our colleague Brian Mooney spent 10 years in corporate HR, and a lot of that time was spent in recruiting.  During his tenor, he put together videos to showcase culture, and convince more applicants to apply.

Here are his tips on creating great video job ads:

  • Setup: You don't need fancy equipment to get started.  Make sure there is light on the person's face (preferably natural light from the sun) and no background noise.  If you satisfy these criteria, you can literally shoot this on an iPhone!
  • Editing: You want to keep these videos under 60 seconds.  Trimming the video in Quicktime, or using a free software like iMovie is more than enough to get the small amount of effects you need to make this look good.
  • Actors: Pick someone who's on the team, and ideally involved in the interview process.  They should know the role, and hopefully be someone the candidate will meet during the interview process or work with on a day to day basis once hired.
  • Authenticity: Ums and ahs are actually a good thing.  We've seen time and again that companies who overly script or edit these videos see their applications decrease, which clearly isn't the goal.  We've all grown up with the internet, and can tell when something is real or not.
  • Call to Action: Make sure it's clear what you want candidates to do when they view this video.  You can have the video itself communicate via text or the actor what to do next, or just have a clearly marked call to action to apply or sign up for a talent community near the video.

If you're looking to share culture with future prospective employees, check out this tool to help collect employee testimonials.