5 tips for buying HR Tech

Post by
Phil Strazzulla
October 31, 2018

We talk to a lot of HR people each month.  One conversation that comes up again and again is around what software vendors to use for a given problem (new ATS, HRIS, etc), and general frameworks for buying HR software.So, here's our top pieces of advice when looking at new HR Tech.  Check out the video below for more info:

  1. Test it: There is a new movement in software, and it's called product led growth.  A lot of companies are allowing buyers to use part of their solution before purchasing the entire thing.  It's very similar to the freemium model.  The bottom line is that buyers can get a sense for whether the solution is right for them or not before they go all in.  For some things, like a new HRIS, it's hard to test software in a lean way.  But, for a talent community or chatbot, it's actually quite simple!
  2. Qualify Vendors: Vendors qualify you.  They ask if you have budget, what your timeline is, etc.  You should qualify vendors.  Ask the 3 key questions first, before spending 1-2 hours on a demo.  Take control of the buying process to save yourself time.
  3. Senior buy in: Get a champion on the exec team to back your initiative so that when you are ready to pull the trigger on the right vendor, it moves forward quickly.  If you can't get full buy in, understand what leadership needs to see in a plan to get them excited.
  4. Goals: Make sure your initiative aligns with goals that are measurable and relate to ROI for the business.  So many times we see people that are working on projects and don't have a clear sense how these projects will impact the business itself.
  5. Shiny Objects: If you're like me, you like new stuff!  Don't go chasing shiny objects just because they are new and exciting.  Let the hype cycle / puppy love wear off before you make a buying decision, or else you run the risk of buying something that will damage your internal credibility, plus waste your time/money.