Post by
Brian Mooney
May 1, 2019

A/B Testing is extremely popular in product development and marketing because of the results it can deliver. It can also have amazing results when applied to various stages of your recruitment process. 

This week Yash, our Co-founder and CTO, will show you how to conduct A/B testing and become a better recruiter as a result. 


A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of the same thing, with a variable, to determine which is more effective. Some key components to ensuring you have a successful test are to identify a success metric that you're aiming for, follow a disciplined process, gather data to analyze, and improve your process with the results of your experiment.

Here are 3 ways you can use A/B testing to become a better recruiter. 

  1. Career Site Optimization: If you haven't changed your career site in a while then you'll be able to look back on a certain time period to get some data about how many people are visiting your site, clicking on your jobs, and/or filling out applications. This gives you a solid baseline or "A" test. Now you need to change your career site to start the "B" test. Choose something simple to like adding a team photo or a carousel of photos. If you see no improvement then try adding an employee testimonial. You can continue to run these experiments until you've reached your goal. 
  2. Offer Acceptance Rate (OAR): Simply calculate your OAR by dividing the number of offers accepted by the number of offers extended. Now make a change to how you deliver the offer. If you are sending offer emails, try jazzing up those emails with a gif or adding a personalized video. 
  3. Job Postings: This is probably the easiest way to bring A/B testing into your recruitment process. Most job descriptions are long and boring. These are job advertisements so try shortening the job postings, changing up the title or ditching the corporate header at the top.  Although, based on this heatmap provided by LinkedIn, I would try adding salary information first!

All of these experiments are aimed at improving something you are already doing. Before you go chasing the next shiny object in talent acquisition, try to improve some of the things you are already doing. In other words, start small and act now. If you A/B test these 3 things, you will instantly become a better recruiter. 

We'd love to hear if you are using A/B testing in your recruitment process. As always, if you want to talk more about this week's blog post about talent acquisition in general, just shoot an email to Brian@NextWaveHire.com