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Software Engineer

We're an innovative company and I love that. For example, last week we had our bi-annual hackathon where everyone in the company gets into small teams and builds something new during the next 24 hours. My team re-skinned our mobile site with a new open sourced style library that we wanted to try out. We presented the new look to our product team at the end of the hackathon, and it's going live next week!
I was hired as a store manager and then promoted to Area Manger after about a year. Being fairly new to the company I had to find a way to balance being the manager of others that had been with the company for much longer than myself. I found that being open to listening to others' opinions, and learning from everyone, while still coaching and correcting when necessary, made my job much easier.


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CDK sends guides to candidates in nearly every email in order to educate them on the role and build mindshare. They also feature guides on iPads at campus events to stand out amongst other companies who are handing out the typical on-campus recruiting brochures.
Netsuite's uses LifeGuides to convert interested candidates into applicants, and to educate candidates before interviews on what the role is actually like, leading to deeper interview conversations.
Pontoon is a recruitment process outsourcing company that works with hundreds of enterprise clients and hires tens of thousands of people per year. LifeGuides is a scalable way to build content about key roles that maintains authenticity, while also giving the client control over final messaging.

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